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Crussh Story

Chris Fung — CEO of Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars — uses Ambie to manage the music in all 26 of his locations.

We popped in to try out one of his ‘Super Smoothies’ and find out the difference our service is making to his business.

Q: Chris, tell us a bit about the Crussh concept

The Crussh brand is not just about healthy food and drink, it’s a lifestyle thing. A philosophy that gets our customers and staff jumping out of bed in the morning!

Q: How important is good music to you as a part of the overall Crussh brand experience?

Hugely important.

If we can create the right environment where our music is interesting, enjoyable and non-obtrusive, our customers will be encouraged to stay longer and visit Crussh more frequently.

Our stores are busy, bustling places and our teams work at a fast pace. Their happiness is crucial to the atmosphere of the store and it goes without saying that most people are demotivated by constant repeats!

Q: What were you using before?


Q: Why did you decide to switch to using Ambie?

Our teams were playing a limited number of CDs over and over again.

It became a source of frustration for everyone involved and our staff started to play their own music. Despite their best efforts, they weren’t able to get the music right. We had a very specific profile we were looking to create, and as we grew and expanded the number of Crussh stores, it became increasingly difficult to create consistency in the music across multiple locations.

Q: How has Ambie solved those problems?

I had a pretty good idea of the music we wanted to reflect the Crussh brand.

It wasn’t an easy brief and I must say how extremely impressed I was when my Ambie curator, Ben, came back with a sample playlist. It was spot on!

Ambie has given us back control! Our music is now consistent across all Crussh stores and when we open a new site I have the peace of mind that our music is perfect from day one.

Notes Story

Notes isn’t just your run-of-the mill coffee shop. From it’s humble beginnings, the business has been on quite a journey so far!

Fabio - the founder of Notes - uses Ambie to manage the music across his coffee shops come wine bars. So, we popped down to his Kings Cross branch to meet him and find out how our service has made his life easier.

Q: First of all, this cappuccino is delicious. What’s your secret?

Roasted Guatemalan coffee bean. It’s the season for it!

Q: Tell us a bit about the Notes concept and how important good music is to your brand?

Music has always been at the heart and soul of the Notes brand.

Our first space, located in a music shop next to the Royal Opera House, had a real mix of customers. They'd listen to classical, blues and jazz music, whilst drinking our coffee!

Q: Before Ambie, how did you manage your music?


Q: Why wasn't Spotify working for you?

Whilst Spotify was great for my own personal use, it didn’t give me the control my business desperately needed.

With several new openings, I was faced with a challenge: how to monitor the music and make sure my staff hadn't taken the music into their own hands.

I quickly learnt that people don’t notice the music when it is good. When it is bad, they let you know! It ruins their whole brand experience.

Q: How has Ambie solved those problems?

By using Ambie, I didn't have to worry about the music anymore and can concentrate on growing my business instead.

Ambie has created music consistency for our brand across all our locations and stopped staff being able to affect playlists.

Q: Have you changed your music depending on the times of day?

In the daytime we run Notes as a coffee shop and in the evening it becomes a relaxed wine bar. So yes, it's always been important for us to use a range of music styles and try to take advantage of different trading patterns.

The problem I found with Spotify was that it became a job in itself to create individual playlists for different moods, events, etc.

Because Ambie now invests the time designing our playlists, I've been able to sit down, see how customers react to the music and give on-the-go feedback to their music team.

I noticed that our morning playlist was too slow for commuters picking up their coffee on the way to work. I discussed this with my curator and by the following morning our playlists had been updated and was creating a more energetic atmosphere in our Kings Cross branch.

Why Music Matters?

First Impressions

Imagine the following scenario. You go out for dinner with your family. The food and wine is wonderful, the environment is just right. Conversations are flowing, and everyone is happy. Right when you’re about to pay the bill, the music takes a turn for the worst. Hip Hop lyrics come flying out of the speakers, with unsuitable language and inappropriate themes to put it politely! Forget about the meal; now your kid is asking what **** is? Grandma is crying.

Everything up to this point was perfect—until it wasn’t.

What will you remember when you walk out?

Experience vs. Memory

Widely regarded as the world's most influential living psychologist, Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel in Economics for his pioneering work in behavioral economics — exploring the irrational ways humans think!

In his TEDTalk ‘The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory’ he explains that once we have had a negative experience during an event, it can ruin our memory of the incident as a whole, even if the majority of our experience was positive.

Watch a 50 second clip from his TED Talk here:

Why Music Matters

Brands have become experts at perfecting their look. Expensive branding exercises and free canvas tote bags, interior design and visual merchandising all play a pivotal role in how we promote our businesses and create brand affiliation.

But after putting so much effort into making our spaces look right, the way our business sounds often falls to the bottom of the priority list!

As Fabio Ferreira, founder of Notes quickly learnt, “people don’t notice the music when it is good. When it is bad, they let you know! It ruins their whole brand experience”.

Using a consumer streaming service like Spotify can seem like a cheap and easy option. But how much of the work you’ve done on your brand identity are you actually putting at risk?

If you don’t want to leave the aural branding of your business up to the personal tastes of your employers, get in touch! We’d love to chat with you.

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