Get personal and grow your guest loyalty

When guests visit your hotel, they are looking for more than just a room to stay in for the night. They are looking for a personalised experience.

So when you go the extra mile for your hotel guests, you’ll reap the rewards in return business and increased revenue.

And creating a personalised experience for guests doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your budget. There are several small changes you can make which will add up in a big way over time.

Let’s look at four ways you can create a unique experience for your hotel guests:

1. Know your ‘regulars’ 

You should know who your top customers are and what their preferences are before they visit your hotel.

You can do this by leveraging data and tracking information like birthdays, favorite meals, and their activity preferences. This will help you to acknowledge those customers and make them feel special throughout their visit.

This could be something as small as welcoming them by name and greeting them with their favorite drink upon arrival. Or if you know they read the New York Times every morning, leave a copy in their room upon check-in.

Guest loyalty flowers

2. Leave a handwritten note 

There’s nothing that makes guests feel more appreciated than a handwritten note. A handwritten note is a good way to recognise an anniversary or just to thank a guest for staying in your hotel.

And handwritten notes are a great way to smooth things over if your hotel makes a mistake that the customer is unhappy about.   

3. Share ‘insider tips’ on the area

A great way to stand out with your guests is by providing insider tips on the best local attractions. Recommend some good local restaurants and places to go sightseeing.

Guests want to feel like they are “in the know”  so this will be even more effective if you can point them toward activities that aren’t as well known.

4. Keep your music fresh

Music is a powerful tool for personalising and boosting the guest experience71 percent of customers agree that background music creates a better atmosphere.

And 72 percent are more likely to return if they enjoyed the music being played. Your music selection for each venue is a wonderful way to surprise guests and keep the space feeling fresh.

This is something Amanda, the Food & Beverage Director at the Hyatt Andaz London, has found essential.

We believe the update of the playlist is essential… we have a lot of regular guests here at Andaz London and those often come at the same time. So we want to make sure that if they come at the same times they’re not going to hear the same music.”

Our Head of Music Curation has shared his top tips on how to curate music for your hotel here. But if you’d like to see what he’d curate specifically for your business, request your free music sampler here.

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