How to: Schedule music playlists

Scheduling music playlists in your business can save you hours of time.

Ambie manages the creation of your bespoke playlists and also the scheduling of them so that it matches the changing atmospheres and trading patterns in your business.

Ambie has saved me about 20 hours a month. Now I don’t have to find the music, create playlists and manually change the playlists myself to match different times.”

– Daniele di Martino, CEO of Rossopomodoro

It remains important for many customers that they have the freedom to edit their music schedule themselves if needed.

Customers can log into their Ambie Dashboard and edit their schedule in just a few clicks.

Here’s how…

1. Click the “Schedules” tab on your Ambie Dashboard to take you to your Office Master where you can see your week’s schedule

2. Click “Edit Schedule” which will take you to your Editing Office Master

3. Click on a space in your schedule you would like to edit and the editing options box will pop up

4. Select a playlist you would like to use

5. Select the times you would like the playlist to start and end

6. Select the days you would like to apply this change to

7. Click “Save” to save your changes for this edit

8. To make more edits click on the next space on your playlist you would like to change and make your selections again

9. When you are done editing your schedule click “Save Schedule”

Schedule edits will now be saved until further edits are made. It’s that simple. So whether our customers prefer to contact us directly to request changes to their music playlists, or prefer to take control of their schedule, Ambie makes it quick and easy for our customers so that they can get on with everything else!

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