How music creates lasting brand impact (for better or worse!)

Imagine the following scenario. You go out for dinner with your family. The food and wine is wonderful, the environment is just right. Conversations are flowing, and everyone is happy.

Right when you’re about to pay the bill, the music takes a turn for the worst. Gangsta rap come flying out of the speakers. It’s an explosion of noise and swear words you didn’t even know existed.

Forget about the meal. Now your kid is asking what **** is. Grandma is crying.

Everything up to this point was perfect — until it wasn’t.

What will you remember when you walk out?

One small experience can ruin a whole memory

Daniel Kahneman, widely regarded as the world’s most influential living psychologist, won a Nobel in Economics for his pioneering work in behavioural economics (A.K.A exploring the irrational ways us humans think).

In his TEDTalk, ‘The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory’, he explains how once we have had a negative experience during an event, it can ruin our memory of the incident as a whole – even if the majority of our experience was positive.

The sound of good branding

Brands have become experts at perfecting their look. Expensive branding exercises and free canvas tote bags, interior design and visual merchandising all play a pivotal role in how we promote our businesses and create brand affiliation.

But after putting so much effort into making our spaces look right, the way our business sounds often falls to the bottom of the priority list. It’s easy to forget why business background music matters and part of the branding puzzle too. 

As Fabio Ferreira, the founder of Notes quickly learnt:

 “People don’t notice the music when it is good. When it is bad, they let you know! It ruins their whole brand experience.”

It’s a sentiment expressed by many business mangers: 

  • “(Music is) hugely important for ensuring guests stay and don’t leave after one drink!”  (Nils, General Manager at the Hyatt Andaz)
  • “Music defines the personality of a social space. This is why it’s a key part of our rebrand strategy.” (Jen, Head of Entertainment, Events and Partnerships at Harbour Hotels)
  • “Guests need great music to enhance our ‘drink, dine and bowl’ experience.” (David, Head of Guest Delivery at All Star Lanes

Creating a positive brand experience 

Consider your soundtrack as another valuable piece of the branding puzzle.

For inspiration, our Head of Curation offers up some great tips on how to create positive brand impact in this How To Curate Music For Your Business post.

But most business owners don’t have the time to think about the right music for their brand. That’s why at Ambie we put in the hard work. Our experts create tailored soundtracks to suit your business and create a positive brand impact. 

If you’d like to find out more on the impact of music on your business, check our blog post: Why Business Background Music Matters: An Ultimate Guide. Or even better – talk to us in person here

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