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Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars: creating brand consistency across the business

Gain brand consistency across the business

Chris Fung — CEO of Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars — uses Ambie to manage the music in all 26 of his locations. We popped in to try out one of his ‘Super Smoothies’ and find out the difference our service is making to his business.

Q: Chris, tell us a bit about the Crussh concept.

The Crussh brand is not just about healthy food and drink, it’s a lifestyle thing. A philosophy that gets our customers and staff jumping out of bed in the morning!

Q: How important is good music to you as a part of the overall Crussh brand experience?

Hugely important.

If we can create the right environment where our music is interesting, enjoyable and non-obtrusive, our customers will be encouraged to stay longer and visit Crussh more frequently.

Our stores are busy, bustling places and our teams work at a fast pace. Their happiness is crucial to the atmosphere of the store and it goes without saying that most people are demotivated by constant repeats!

Q: What were you using before?


Q: Why did you decide to switch to using Ambie?

Our teams were playing a limited number of CDs over and over again.

It became a source of frustration for everyone involved and our staff started to play their own music. Despite their best efforts, they weren’t able to get the music right.

We had a very specific profile we were looking to create, and as we grew and expanded the number of Crussh stores, it became increasingly difficult to create consistency in the music across multiple locations.

Q: How has Ambie solved those problems?

I had a pretty good idea of the music we wanted to reflect the Crussh brand.

It wasn’t an easy brief and I must say how extremely impressed I was when my Ambie curator, Ben, came back with a sample playlist. It was spot on!

Ambie has given us back control! Our music is now consistent across all Crussh stores and when we open a new site I have the peace of mind that our music is perfect from day one.

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