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Neat burger: creating a fun filled, flavour filled, music filled brand identity

Neat Burger is an ethical, sustainable and delicious plant-based burger restaurant that serve with passion and style. They are unique in concept and one of a kind in practice; the planet-friendly plant-based full-flavoured game-changer that the world has been waiting for. Not only is the environmentally conscious ethos important to management, but also the tailored vibe they aim high to create for the brand and its voice, the atmosphere within each restaurant and the feelings and moods of both the staff and its customers. 

Vibe is a huge part of the neat burger culture and service, we want our customers to feel chilled and have fun at the same time.

We sat down with Daniel Shand-Rodger, Neat Burger’s Business Manager, to delve deeper into the why’s and how’s of creating that consistent and complimentary brand identity and restaurant experience which drives the brand forward, together with an engaged team and customers who love the food and holistic guest experience. Having won Deliveroo’s Best Vegan Restaurant of the Year in 2020, Neat Burger needs to ensure its food is top-notch, their experience is top of its game and its reputation is held high.

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What challenges have you previously faced with curating your music? 

“Music creates the vibe and sets the tone at Neat Burger” says Shand-Rodger. Previously, when it came to music, the store managers created playlists to play, which of course was time-consuming, subjective and a lot of continuous work to ensure that songs are not on repeat, and lists are frequently updated and on trend. Alternatively, the staff within each branch took turns to DJ what they wanted, and believed the customers enjoyed, however a lot of the time, the music was off-brand, and damaging to that the cool, sustainable and fun identity which had been built up and ingrained within all touchpoints of the business. Staff were often concerned about management not liking their choice of music, and them having to change it time and again. 

Why did you switch to Ambie and how have you found the setup, curation process and services to date? 

The big question we are always curious to know is why did Neat Burger switch over to Ambie? Neat Burger’s staff were playing their own music or music that didn’t quite fit the brand and this was starting to unravel the strong-rooted DNA of what the business stood for. Neat Burger’s ultimate aim when partnering with Ambie was to create a cool vibe that was similar across all of its locations with ease, simplicity and great customer service.

There have been so many benefits since switching over, but what stands out is a consistent vibe and style within all our cross-regional stores. The scheduling tool is what is most useful for Neat Burger. Once playlists are curated, the team are able to schedule them according to trading patterns and footfall within each restaurant. “The scheduler has saved us so much time and there’s never room to forget the music.” 

It’s been amazing, very easy to set up and a great support team!

Have you seen any tangible return on investment? 

Since Neat Burger joined forces with Ambie, they have noticed more regular, return customers as well as have had no music complaints. Of course new customer acquisition is critical to all businesses, however retaining current customers by ensuring they are satisfied, engaged and love the ambiance on top of the food and drink, is a recipe for success. Once foodies love everything the brand stands for, they return and recommend the place and this elevates revenue and will continue to do so. 

Below is a sample of Neat Burger’s playlist

How has your business had to adjust since Covid-19?

During Covid-19, Neat Burger pivoted and became Deliveroo kitchens only, until reopening after restrictions were lifted. Thankfully now they are growing and expanding alongside their normal restaurants. Music was pivotal during this uncertain period as it maintained a sense of positivity and high levels of energy amoungst the staff, which kept the business alive. 

Ambie offers great service, they’re easy to work with and they support our brand desires!

If you’d like to know more about how Ambie could help your business and create your desired atmosphere, talk to our team.

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