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The Conduit: Music with Philanthropic Ambition

About The Conduit

The Conduit is a collaborative community of people committed to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future. Its members comprise of entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, activists, civil-society leaders as well as policymakers, who all bring together their own individual knowledge, networks and capital for a sustained positive impact. What’s most important to the members are social, economic and environmental change, and everything they do revolves around that.

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We spoke to Shakira Peronet, Membership and Community Associate at The Conduit, to find out how impactful music is for its members, as well as how does it create the perfect ambiance to match their desired business outcomes and goals. Here at Ambie, we know the multitude of benefits which music can provide businesses and spaces, and have witnessed first-handedly the brand awareness and member experience it has created for many of The Conduit’s members who have meetings, and are working on projects that will have an incredibly positive impact on the wider community.

Music provides a wonderful ambiance for many of our members who are having meetings, and working on projects that will have an incredibly positive impact on the community.

The Challenge

The Conduit is an impressive space which hosts an eclectic community of people passionate about social change on a daily basis, therefore having an audience which is wide and across the spectrum, so to speak. They were looking for a music solution which would compliment all walks of life, be easily managed and constantly evolving, as well as being conducive for strategic and creative thinking. 

Within The Conduit, there’s a library, an events floor (which hosts 150+ events annually, from talks and workshops to screenings, exhibitions and dinners), plus a rooftop lounge, restaurant, speakeasy and areas for working. With this in mind, having tailored music per space was a necessity which would attract and appeal to the members was a key requirement when looking for a music partner and solution.

The Solution

Ambie was the perfect music partner for The Conduit as it ticked all the boxes which they were looking for. Together with the team at The Conduit, Ambie was briefed in about about the ins and outs of the brand, its values and goals it wished to achieve in terms of music.

Ambie created a simple solution which scheduled and managed on-brand playlists of music which underpinned the positive and sustainable underpinnings of the institution. Ambie enabled a centralised control of music, tailored and dynamic, that’s always fresh and right for the moment. With its personal service offering, Ambie ensured that the music was on-point, where a dedicated curator was on hand for requests and updates.

The Take-Outs

The music which was curated energised both the staff, as well as encouraged a positivity throughout the work day for its members. According to Peronet, “music is needed more than ever [due to Covid-19], music allows a brief escape from the harsh realities occurring today.” As The Conduit continues to champion positive change, so too did the music, by creating positive associations between its members which built retention, loyalty and continued commitment.

Working with Ambie has been a seamless experience, one which we would highly recommend to other businesses.

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