3 Ways Hotels Can Use Technology to Improve Guest Experience

Creating a positive customer experience can make or break your hotel. The needs of travelers have changed and guests now expect a more personalised service everytime they stay at a hotel.

This is especially true for millennials who value experiences over things. In fact, 72 percent of millennials would rather spend money on experiences over material possessions.

The rapid increase in technology makes it easier for hotels to provide a better customer experience. Incorporating technology allows you to interact with guests more efficiently, anticipate their needs, and provide the best service possible.

Let’s look at a few ways hotels can use technology to improve the guest experience.

Improve Operations

Technology allows you to automate mundane tasks so you can spend more time creating a positive experience for your guests.

Property management systems like Roombler let you drag and drop bookings and add or remove charges. And there is no limit to the number of users that can access the app.

ALICE is an app that has an overarching suite you can use to manage your hotel operations. It also gives you internal messaging so you can touch base with staff members. And front desk employees can access guest information, manage and assign tickets, and track guest reservations.

Many property management systems are designed for larger hotel chains. But SabeeApp was created with smaller hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in mind. You can take reservations and accept secure payments through the app. And the app will automatically update your hotel’s hours and rates.

Create a Seamless Customer Experience

These days, customers want to travel as efficiently as possible. Things like self-check-in systems and messaging apps can remove any possible friction for the customer.

And you should make it easy for your guests to communicate with you and provide feedback. Millennials, in particular, will be the most loyal to companies that elicit their feedback. If you take a look at the top 50 brands for millennials, you’ll find that almost all of them show that they care about customer feedback.  

Messaging apps like Zingle Hospitality will help you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and guests are provided the best possible service. Zingle lets guests text you for things like food, wake up calls, valet services, and more.  Hotel staff can reply with either an automated or custom message.

Tourismart is another great app hotels can use to communicate with their guests. It allows guests to make reservations, place an order for room service, and look at their pending bill.

Tourismart also profiles your guests so you can learn what their preferences are. It also lets you gather guest feedback and alert long-term customers to future deals or discounts.

GuestRevu is an online reputation management solution. It lets you capture guest reviews and comments from across the web. And it lets you send your guests branded questionnaires after their stay. And GuestRevu provides analytics so you can gain actionable insight from customer feedback.

Use Background Music That Reflects Your Brand

Did you know that background music changes the experience customers have in your hotel? 71 percent of customers think that background music creates a better atmosphere.

Music is an important tool your hotel can use to change the way your customers feel about your business. By choosing music that reflects your hotel’s brand, you can attract certain types of customers and even influence their behavior.

Ambie designs custom soundtracks for hotels that reflect their brand and their customers. Ambie’s smart cloud technology means your bespoke playlists will play at the right time automatically, without you even having to press play.

You can control what’s playing throughout your hotel on the two Ambie web-apps. One is better suited for hotel staff use, while the other has more control options, so is used more often by hotel managers.

Not only does Ambie’s smart technology make managing music in your hotel much easier, but you can also be sure that you are playing music that will create a better atmosphere for your guests.

Find out how Ambie works and request a free sampler with Ambie today

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