6 Apps to give your business a productivity boost

Productivity is key to managerial success, particularly in the hospitality industry. In such a dynamic market and fast-paced working environment, it is crucial that managers are maximising productivity across the floor to maximise profits and maintain a competitive advantage.

There is a common misconception that to do this properly is super time consuming and means investing in expensive tech and productivity platforms. Wrong!

We’ve compiled a list of 6 apps to get the ball rolling with maximising productivity in your venue, from your staffing, your music, your social media presence and beyond.

For when you’re understaffed

Syft will save you during the dark times of those dreaded last minute sickies and sporadic busy periods where you need an extra hand. Syft connects you to thousands of high quality, fully trained and vetted hospitality staff really quickly and easily via their mobile app.

You choose who you hire, as Syft gives you access to workers experience, skills and previous shift ratings. It takes minutes to post a job and with a record time to fill a last minute shift of 2 seconds, Syft can guarantee you’ll get the help you need.

For when you have impatient customers

Orderella allows your customers to order their food and/or drinks straight from their mobile device. Particularly accommodating for increasingly impatient millennials. In fact, research has shown that 42% restaurant customers are likely to tip more if they receive a quick service.

Orderella can also be a life-saver in terms of productivity for your team. Orders will go straight to the kitchen and bar, so your staff are blessed with more precious time for other jobs such as serving, clearing away, taking payments and keeping your venue clean throughout the day and night.

For when your team needs a pick-me-up

There have been a number of studies demonstrating the effect music has on your customers and business, with evidence of sales increase and better guest experience as a direct result of music choice. Have you ever considered the effect music may have on the productivity of your staff? Research has shown that 73% of workers report being more productive when good background music is playing at work.

Ambie helps businesses curate the best music for their business, that caters for both the customers and your staff. You’ll receive a small playing device and can control the music from their app. Find out more about how Ambie works or book a free consultation here.

For your loyal customers

80% of businesses’ profit come from only 20% of their customers, because these 20% are loyal customers that keep returning. Customer retention is key to profitability and loyalty cards are a really cheap and easy way to increase your chances of customer retention so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

FreshStamp launched with the specific purpose to serve small and independent businesses and build you a loyalty app tailored to your business for free. Give your customers the chance to collect virtual stamps on your app every time they visit and reward them for their loyalty.

For when you don’t have time to update social media every day

We recently wrote about the importance of social media to your hospitality business. There is a common misconception that this is a time consuming task and we understand that busy managers do not have time to be updating their social media pages every day.

Hootsuite make it really easy for you to schedule posts in advance, so you can set an hour aside each week to schedule your posts and then leave Hootsuite to do the posting. It’s also a great tool for analysing how your pages and posts are doing, so you can get a good idea of what you’re audience like to see.

For those quiet periods

Every venue experiences some ‘downtime’. You’re open for business but just don’t have the footfall at 4pm on a Monday afternoon, for example.

CityMunch helps manage this downtime by connecting you to potential customers in location-based real time, creating appealing offers to encourage them to pay a visit. Making these quiet periods busier means you can keep the staff you’re paying for occupied all day long.

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