Ambie at Javelin Group: The untapped potential of music in retail

We love tunes and tech here at Ambie – and we love to talk about it! So when Javelin Group (the retail arm of Accenture Strategy) invited us to share how we’re using these things to shake up the way retail businesses use music – we were thrilled to accept. (Plus, we heard there would be pizza involved).  

Here are 5 key takeaways from what our CEO and founder, Gideon, presented.  


Ambie founder, Gideon, sharing ideas over pizza at the Javelin Group

1. 60% of businesses still use CDs and other DIY solutions for music 

As consumers, playing music has never been simpler. We can access hundreds of thousands of songs – tailored to our mood and taste – at the push of a button. But music solutions for the business sector remain a decade behind. The majority of retailers are stuck listening to generic, repetitious soundtracks or using clunky, unintuitive systems. This isn’t just a time-suck – it’s a headache for staff! 

2. Music can increase business efficiency and profitability – in an incredibly cost-effective way

Retail brands invest incredible resourcing into perfecting the in-store look and feel. Everything from design and fit-out, to temperature and lighting is scrutinised – sometimes even scent! So why not music?  Most of the time, it’s simply because many business owners aren’t aware of the research proving how curated business music can help drive sales, boost performance and deliver a measurable return on investment. 

3. It’s critical for a business’ music to match their brand 

HUI Research recently conducted the largest field experiment on background music in restaurants, ever. They tested the difference that playing no music, generic music and brand-matched music made on sales and the diner experience . The results? Brand-fit music led to a 9% increase in sales, across the board, over generic pop. And customers reported higher satisfaction too! 

4. Once the basics are right, you can start using music to  engage customers, motivate staff and measure against sales.

It’s exciting to see forward-thinking brands recognising the potential of music to connect with customers and staff in new ways.  Some stores are experimenting with customers choosing their individual fitting room music, creating a highly personalised shopping experience. Others are integrating music with their POS systems to track how various playlists impact upon sales.  

Even in the Ambie office, we’ve linked our scheduled playlists to productivity trackers to see what music gets us working at our best!  Once you’ve found your sound profile as a brand, there’s so many other benefits that music can bring to the business. 

5. Ambie is the smarter way to manage your music

At Ambie, we’re passionate about making background music great again for businesses.  That’s why we combine music experts with data-driven technology – to offer businesses a more personalised and efficient music solution. 

See what we could do for your retail business. Request a free, bespoke music sampler here.

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