How to Successfully Market Your Restaurant to Millennials

If you are a restaurant owner looking to grow your customer base, marketing to millennials is a great place to start. According to a Forbes article, millennials currently have over $200 billion (£143 billion) in buying power. And this study found that 54% of millennials eat out three times a week and 51% go to a bar once a week.  

But how do you market to the generation that hates being sold to? It definitely requires you to think outside the box but it can be done. Here are five ways you can successfully market your restaurant to millennials:

Make it social

For most millennials, social media is their go-to source for information. So the best way to promote your restaurant and get in front of millennials is by being active online.

Try hosting contests, giveaways, and regularly engaging with followers throughout the week. And using branded hashtags will make it easier to allow your millennial customers to promote your restaurant themselves.

Offer online and mobile ordering

Millennials are always on the go and they are used to being able to get whatever they need from their smartphone – and this includes their meals. 32% of millennials agree that a restaurant’s use of technology affects their choice of where to eat.

Make it personal

Millennials value personalised experiences over a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. How can you create this in your restaurant? By making a few simple changes.

Millennials usually eat smaller portions during non-traditional hours so skip the huge portions and opt for more appetisers. Offer handcrafted beers rather than more traditional brand names. And 55% of millennials prefer community tables where different groups of guests sit together.

Be transparent

Millennials are a driving force behind the movement to eat locally sourced foods. They are much more likely to base their restaurant decision on how that restaurant sources its ingredients. And most millennials want to know more about how their food was grown.

Does your restaurant buys produce from a local farmers market or use organic ingredients whenever possible? If so, you should make this information highly visible on your menu, Facebook page, and website. By being transparent about your business ethics, you will likely attract more millennial guests.

Create an experience

Millennials are known for preferring experiences above all else. So when considering a restaurant, they look for somewhere that promotes socialisation and experience, rather than just a nice place to eat a meal.

The decor you choose for your restaurant can have a big effect on how your restaurant is perceived. Choosing original art pieces, interesting furniture, or changing the lighting will create a unique ambiance your millennial customers will remember.

The music you choose will also have a big effect on the experience your customers have. Music has a proven link between the mood of guests and restaurant profits.

If you are struggling to come up with a decent music selection, Ambie can help. We offer curated playlists that are geared toward your brand and customer base. Contact us to learn more and get your free sampler.

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