Lockdown special: Top 5 sound systems for your hospitality business

We all know just how important background music in hospitality spaces is. Playing the right music at the right time can affect the environment, your customers’ experience, and, ultimately, your bottom line. However, the sound system you choose will have arguably the biggest impact on your whatever music you decide play.

With lockdown underway in many countries, and Covid restrictions in place for the rest, now is a great time to ensure your sound system is up to scratch and delivering a great customer experience. Not only do you want to provide a form of escapism for your guests, but an appropriate volume will need to ensure that social distancing can be practiced without hindering your customers’ overall experience.

Here at Ambie, we’ve got together with our trusted AV partner AT&C, to have a look at the best sound systems for your hospitality business. 

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Top 5 Sound Systems

  • Bose Systems BOSE is well recognised for assisting with music for hospitality and providing high quality, reliable, and easy-to-use sound systems. When you choose a BOSE sound system you are choosing a product that will work equally in the background or foreground, with the options to externally display the system or place it in a more discreet position. This makes it ideal to play music for bar venues or music for cafe businesses. 

Should you decide on a BOSE sound system for your business, Ambie highly recommends the BOSE design-max range of loudspeakers.

  • K-Array

    K-Array speaker systems are designed to easily blend into the interior of your overall front of house design. They are incredibly small and compact, while also producing a fully rounded sound for a large venue. You may be surprised by the sound that is created by these products! This is perfect for music for cafe businesses or a business soundtrack for smaller venue spaces. 

K-Array pride themselves on producing ‘visually discrete solutions’ for your business. If this sounds like something that would suit your venue, then Ambie highly recommends the Azimut-KAMUT2L.

  • D&B

D&B German-engineered sound systems would be another high-quality choice to use within your establishment. The sound produced by the D&B products is known to be rich without cutting across guest conversations – a must during these times of COVID! The subtle sound produced by the D&B systems ensures you can provide the perfect business soundtrack.

If the D&B product range sounds appealing to you, we recommend the 5s LoudSpeaker with an amplifier like the D6 or 10D. 

  • BSS

A classic choice for music for hotel venues or music for bar businesses, the BSS products are reliable, compact, and easy to use. In fact, the controls on the BSS have some of the simplest setups in the market, making them an ideal choice for front of house areas with a variety of staff members. 

The BSS Audio signal processing equipment is highly effective in producing a rich yet stable sound in front of house settings. If you’re in the market for an audio signal processor to implement seamlessly into your sound system, then we highly recommend the compact and reliable BLU-100 from BSS.

  • Bang & Olufsen

    Last, but certainly not least, is the sound system range from B&O. This Denmark brand pride themselves on being an ideal support system to perfectly craft your guests’ overall experience within your business. Describing their products as ‘objects of art,’ B&O is definitely the brand you want if you are searching for something that will also be aesthetically appealing.

For a sound system that will deliver an immersive sound experience for your customers, and provide a unique wall design within your venue, Ambie recommends you check out the Beosound Shape Modular Wall Mounted Speaker System.

Sound systems and AV products are changing all the time. If you need some guidance on what system is right for your hospitality business, or what music to play, then Ambie can help. We work with thousands of hospitality brands including Andaz, Limewood, Breakfast Club, D&D, Drake & Morgan, Rocco Forte, Byron, Hilton, Giggling Squid and many more. Get in touch with one of our team or book a demo to find out more.   

You can also find out more about our AV partner, AT&C, by visiting their website here

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