Which music solution is right for my business?

There’s nothing like the simplicity of a Pro / Con chart for important decisions. And finding a music solution for your business is an important decision to get right.

Not only can music make-or-break a business’ atmosphere, but research shows that the right soundtrack can boost business performance and save hours of staff time.

So whether you’re fed up curating music yourself, frustrated with your current provider, or simply checking out what other options are available – this handy chart compares the most popular music solutions for businesses in the market:

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When comparing music solutions, it may also help to have the following questions at the forefront of your mind:

  1. What’s the main problem I’m experiencing with my music?  

    Is your music too repetitious, time-consuming or expensive? It will be difficult to find the most fitting solution unless you’ve clarified the key problem you’re experiencing first. 

  2. What level of control and visibility would I like? 

    Do you like to be hands-on choosing and scheduling your music, or do you prefer it to be taken care of? And how much control would you like to give staff? Consider the level of management and care you’d like included in your solution.

  3. How flexible or tailored do I need my solution to be? 

    Are you needing to play music across multiple zones or sites? Are you seeking a solution that is highly personalised, or will evolve to match your business trading patterns? Make sure the service you’re considering offers this functionality – and keep an eye out for sneaky additional fees!

  4. What resourcing is available?

    Consider the practical limitations you have to work with. How is your internet and sound system currently set up? How many sites and zones are you finding a solution for? What budget is available, and sign-off required? Don’t forget that whichever option you choose, you’ll need to sort out music licensing too. 

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