Twas the Night Before Ambie Christmas…

It’s Christmas time and we wish it could be Christmas everyday – well, not quite. With Mariah Carey almost well and truly thawed out, ready to warble those iconic opening lines that have allowed her to never have to work again, the hospitality family is taking a deep breath and preparing to go into battle for the busiest month of the year in the trade.

With punters full of Christmas cheer and bookings flying inbound, it is understandable that sometimes those that are working in the trade have a negative pavlovian response to Jingle Bell Rock and the repetitive nature of the soundtrack to this fiesta.

However, rather than viewing the repetition of Christmas music as a drawback, it’s worth considering it as a comforting ritual. The predictability of these tunes allows us to anticipate and savor the joy they bring. Much like the annual unwrapping of presents or the lighting of the Christmas tree, the recurrence of familiar songs becomes a part of the holiday tradition.

While the melodies may remain the same, the interpretations of Christmas classics vary widely. Artists from different genres put their unique spin on these timeless tunes, offering fresh perspectives on well-loved songs. This diversity adds a layer of excitement to the repetitiveness, allowing us to discover new nuances and appreciate the versatility of these enduring compositions. This is not limited to the silky tones of Michael Bublé’s latest Christmas offering – there are a wealth of new twists on old classics if we are willing to just look past the creative wall that is of any playlist a la ‘Now That’s what they call Christmas!’.

Our Ambie Curation elves keep this in mind when sprinkling our client’s playlists with festive cheer, ensuring that the unique ambiance and identity of each business remains within the core of each playlist. They work meticulously to select tunes that not only keep the front of house staff going, but, more importantly, subconsciously ease your punters to want to stay put a while longer and maybe get that extra round in – why not? After all, it IS Christmas.

In the tapestry of holiday traditions, Christmas music weaves a thread of nostalgia that binds generations together. Its repetitive nature is not a flaw but a feature that enhances the festive spirit, providing a sense of continuity and shared joy. So, as the season unfolds, let the familiar strains of Christmas music envelop you in a warm embrace, bringing back cherished memories and creating new ones that will be celebrated for years to come – even if you have heard Wham for the 21039094th time this week.

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