Feature release: new Ambie remote

Ambie remote

There’s a new, good lookin’ addition to the Ambie technology suite. Say hello to our Ambie Remote 2.0.

After months analysing client feedback and user data, we’ve redesigned the Ambie remote to make it not only look better – but function better too. Now changing music on the go is even easier for Ambie customers.

Here’s why you’ll love the new Ambie Remote:

Keep it simple

Adjusting your music is easier than ever with the remote’s new app-like interface and user-friendly layout.

Set the mood

Always choose the right music for the moment with playlists colour-coded to show mood and energy level.

remote moods

The new remote features playlists colour-coded to mood.

Home sweet home

Access the Ambie remote faster than ever by adding it to your home screen, just like an app – without taking up space.

Report back

Tell us which tracks you’re loving and which ones we can improve with new streamlined track reporting.

Wait, there’s more

You can find a full video guide on how to use the remote here and below.

If you have questions you can also reach us via the chat button on your remote, dashboard and on our Ambie website. We’re happy to help!

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