New Feature: Playlist Previews

More engagement with your sound by previewing your playlists

If you are already an Ambie customer, you may have noticed that there is a new tab at the top of your dashboard.

The new “Playlists” tab will now lead to a page where you can preview all the playlists heard in your business, as can be seen below:

– You can listen to short snippets of each track on a particular playlist to get a feel for the style before you schedule them

– The energy level for each playlist is highlighted so you get an idea of the music pace

– It shows you what genres are represented across the tracks

– You can see how many tracks there are in a playlist and how long it is in total

Now you’ll be able to engage even further with the music playing in your spaces.

If there is more info you’d like to see on the playlist previews page, just drop us a note and we’ll factor it into our next round of designs. Enjoy the music!

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