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Foxhills: Using music to create a welcoming guest experience

About Foxhills

Foxhills prides itself on being a family-friendly, family-owned Country Club and Resort in Surrey. With a long-standing strong heritage, Foxhills opened its doors in 1975 and was acquired in 1983 by the current owners, the Hayton family. They and their attentive team live by the motto, when you leave, you feel better than when you arrived.

Hailed as “One of the best resorts in Britain” by The Independent, Foxhills has something for everyone. Within its 400 acres are two Championship golf courses, one Par 3 course, 70 elegant bedrooms, three restaurants, eleven tennis courts, four swimming pools, an award-winning health spa, The Pavilion family building, conference and meeting facilities, as well as a weekly cycling club, capitalising on its status as Official Resort Partner to the Aviva Tour of Britain and home to Team GB’s road race cycling team during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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The team at Ambie had the pleasure to sit down and chat with Marc Hayton (Managing Director at Foxhills Club and Resort) and Tej Walia (Foxhills General Manager) to find out just how important music is for them as a business, and how it’s enhanced their topnotch guest experience. 

Why is Music fundamental at Foxhills?

It’s simple – music creates the atmosphere! Having the right music at the right time in the right space is a recipe for success! Success in terms of creating a unique atmosphere, influencing customer behaviour and spenditure, enhancing the overall customer experience, ensuring brand consistency and uniformity, increasing customer and staff retention and loyalty, focusing on staff morale, motivation and engagement and, quite simply, bolstering the bottom line. 

Foxhills is consistently investing time and resources into ensuring that their customers and guests feel well looked after, have a grandiose experience like none-other and are treated just right. With this in mind, music plays a essential part of their overall business strategy, as it is the foundation for creating the right atmosphere and ambiance throughout the resort and club.

Hearing the wrong music because of our staff’s individual choices creates a lack of consistency at Foxhills, where every outlet had their own music solution. There was no uniformity and it took ages to clean our playlists to get back on track.

The Problem

The main problem Foxhills was experiencing in terms of its music was that it was poor quality, it was inconsistent across the whole resort as well as staff members were playing their own music preferences rather than a well thought-out background music strategy which would align with the business and its objectives. Foxhills did understand that this mismatched music could make or break the ambiance and customer experience which has taken so much time and resource to shape and formalise. 

Another issue which they faced was that they are a multi-zoned venue with varying spaces for different purposes, so they needed background music which would be true to its brand identity and personality, but would be tailored to the area as well. They needed a music service which could solve this music conundrum. 

Ambie’s Solution: Experience enhancement through music consistency

The Curation Team at Ambie worked closely with Marc and Tej to get an in-depth understanding of their brand, the personality of each venue space within the resort, as well as the intricacies of what mattered most when it came to the customer experience and journey. They needed a music solution which would correct their music challenges and ultimately enhance the customer experience at each touchpoint.

Ambie fulfilled their requirements of a music solution and provider which was able to work across their multi-zoned business structure, which was both time and cost effective: 

  • On a Corporate level, the music reflects the Foxhills Collection brand DNA and identity
  • On a Site level, the music is tailored to its unique clientele, whether they are day guests or staying over
  • On a Space level, the various playlists are bespoke in order to create the desired ambiance per area (i.e. bar, restaurant, The Pavilion, Spa, Gym etc.) as well as tailored to its distinctive trading patterns and seasonality during the year.

Ambie was the perfect partner! The solution which Foxhills received was on-brief and not only provided tailored playlists per space / area within the Foxhills Resort and Club, but it was dynamic music which shifted according to the trading patterns throughout the day and when different types of clientele were visiting.

Ambie provided centralised music control which meant one less thing for the staff to worry about during their busy shifts, where they were guaranteed the right music would play at the right times. In addition, managers had easy management access where they could adjust the songs if needs be or skip to the next track, and they had the peace of mind that each playlist was frequently updated on a monthly basis.  

The Outcome

Marc, Tej and the whole team at Foxhills have been delighted with their background music playlists throughout the venue, as well as the ease of the service. “Once its set up, it just runs itself, which gives our team more time to focus on pressing matters.” Ambie successfully inducted Foxhills during lockdown, which was a challenge due to COVID-19 restrictions, however “the team were very helpful and efficient.”

With Ambie, we received complete consistency and uniformity across the whole estate, with ease of use. The music is themed across the different areas within Foxhills. It is personable and not a faceless service.

Interested to know more about how Ambie could help create your desired atmosphere zone by zone, talk to our Specialist team.

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