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Searcys: Ensuring music versatility through flexible playlist-scheduling

Schedule music playlists that match each zone

About Searcys at the Gherkin

Searcys is an iconic cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant at the top of the Gherkin in central London. With stunning views of the city, Searcys’ three zones span the top three floors of the building and each has its own unique atmosphere.

The seashore-themed cocktail bar sits at the top with an exquisite 360° view. Directly below is a beautiful high-end restaurant, and below that is the quiet and laid-back exclusive members club.

The Problem

Searcys’ zones are sometimes hired for special occasions and host to various pop-ups. This means that the background music must be versatile to match the nature of the venue.

Searcys also needs a particular soundtrack for each zone and for different times of the week, soundtracks that meanwhile complement the overarching identity of Searcys and its clientele.

For Karim, the manager of Searcys at the Gherkin, this is precisely what was missing from their previous background music solution and what Ambie has carefully honed through its bespoke curation process.

Ambie’s Solution

Karim finds the flexible playlist-scheduling features on the Ambie app particularly valuable for when Searcys are hosting something a little different and the occasion calls for a swift change in ambience.

On a regular day, Karim and his staff don’t have to think about manually changing the music to fit trading-patterns because the smart Ambie player will play your pre-scheduled playlists automatically.

This saves them valuable time better spent on ensuring customers are getting a first-class experience, now effortlessly accompanied by the perfect soundtracks.

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