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Rossopomodoro: Using music to improve the customer experience & boost sales

Improve your customer experience and boost sales

About Rossopomodoro

Rossopomodoro is a Neapolitan restaurant chain that specialises in innovative pizza and pasta recipes, where their customers can feast on hearty dishes made only with beautiful ingredients sourced from Naples.

We visited Daniele di Martino – CEO of Rossopomodoro in the UK – in their Camden site to find out how Ambie music has improved their customers’ experience and boosted sales.

The Problem

Before using Ambie, Daniele had to spend 20 hours a month handling the music himself. As a busy CEO with many other priorities, this was obviously not a good use of his time, and maintaining the quality soundtrack that he felt his customers deserved was a struggle.

He needed a plug-and-play solution that could provide:

– A soundtrack that fits the Rossopomodoro brand

– A diverse soundtrack that matches customer tastes

– Playlists that always sounded fresh and were continuously evolving

Ambie’s solution

Daniele believes that the music makes up to 30% of the atmosphere in his restaurants. Ambie worked closely with him to understand the Rossopomodoro brand and customer profile. The music curators at Ambie used this knowledge to craft a diverse set of playlists that match the Rossopomodoro brand and saved Daniele 20 hours a month.

Customers now enjoy the music so much that they are giving positive feedback about the music directly to the staff.

“We have noticed people are spending a bit more time, and spending a bit more money as well.”

He trusts the Ambie team, who work closely with him, to always listen to his feedback and craft the perfect sound his customers love. The playlists are continuously updated so that they are always sounding fresh and are evolving alongside Rossopomodoro.

“The reason why I chose them was gut feel, the reason why I’m staying with them is because they’re fantastic.”

Watch Daniele explain exactly how Ambie works and find out how we can help you improve your customer experience.

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