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Prashad: Creating music consistency to compliment a treasure trove of gourmet dining

About Prashad

From very humble beginnings, Prashad has grown into an Award-winning restaurant becoming the only two Star AA and Michelin Bib Gourmand Indian Restaurant in Yorkshire. Back in 1992, Prashad was started by Kaushy and Mohan Patel. Prashad is a fine dining, vegetarian restaurant boasting gorgeous Gujarati snacks and dishes, prized by the whole community. The ethos of Prashad is of a warm welcome and authentic, finely-crafted Gujarati tastes, but infusing even more finesse, innovation and modernity into the dishes Prashad is famous for. 

Dining at Prashad is all about surprises, from delighting your tastebuds, to exceeding your expectations, and giving you a joyful customer experience. What matters most to the team at Prashad is maintaining their family-run ambiance and well-established traditions, fused together with refined delicacy and dining expertise.

We spoke to Bobby Patel, Owner and Operations Director at Prashad to find out more about the restaurant, its customer experience and how it remains loyal to its brand identity.

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Why is music so important at Prashad?

At Prashad, the overall customer experience is what matters most. It extends further than the exceptional food itself, it includes elements such as the ambiance from a sensory perspective, how the customers are greeted and served as well as the overall background music which creates the perfect dining experience. With this said, the background music is what’s key to creating this right ambiance when dining, as it always needs to be relevant for the guests and what the brand stands for, plus reflects the whole experience from the moment a customer walks in until they leave.

Prashad’s Management team have seen the benefits of having the right music, as the ambiance created is like none-other, it’s hard to replicate. The restaurant has its own look, feel and atmosphere, tailored to the history and legacy of the owners, the type of clientele, and the vibe its managers want to emulate.

The background music is what’s key to creating this right ambiance when dining, as it always needs to be relevant for the guests and what the brand stands for, plus reflects the whole experience from the moment a customer walks in until they leave.

However, the challenges which Prashad came across were that their music was inconsistent at times, and it was very expensive when they outsourced. Getting the right balance of the correct music to create the desired ambiance, at the right cost was taxing on the business. 

The Solution: consistency and cost-effectiveness

Prashad appointed Ambie to be their their background music service due to their professionalism, creativity and flexible approach. Ambie ticked all the boxes which Prashad required from the get-go, especially around cost-efficient music consistency in creating the customer experience. Studies have shown that having a playlist that represents the company’s brand can increase their sales by nine percent. Prashad identified very early on that music can be a powerful tool to increase their customer satisfaction and boost their sales.  

Ambie created a simple solution which scheduled curated, on-brand playlists for Prashad which underpinned that family-run, authentic, feel-good atmosphere to perfectly match the aim of the business. With Ambie’s smart tehnology, they enabled a centralised control of music, tailored and dynamic, that’s always fresh and always right for the moment. Ambie analysed Prashad’s trading patterns, different clientele during the varying times as well as their calendar of special dates to ensure the music was and is always relevant, and at the same time, authentic to the brand identity and complimentary to their acclaimed reputation.

The Outcome

Prashad has experienced a consistent and winsome ambiance and atmosphere at the restaurant, due to Ambie’s frequent updating and refreshing of playlists on a regular basis, so no music ever feels over-played or stale. The staff love the variety of music which is scheduled and hassle-free for them, making them feel engaged and motivated when at work. In addition, customers have also complimented the perfect music choice, commenting how it’s made their meal, helped them relax and the overall experience at the restaurant flawless. 

Prashad’s management believe that Ambie is always reliable, continually updating the service which they receive and above all, credible in everything which we do and stand for. COVID-19 proved incredibly difficult for all businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. One thing in particular which made Ambie stand out as an exceptional service provider was that “they are one of the only service companies to issue credits during the pandemic without being asked”. This proved how Ambie cares about its customers and their overall survival and success. Ambie looked forward and maintaining relationships with all its customers, clients and suppliers was a no-brainer. Prashad was blown away by this gesture and it reiterated the perfect partnership between the two companies, now and in the future. 

Superb ethos, for this reason we would never change, Ambie is a service provider with ethics as we are, a great partnership forever.

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