Ambie’s Album of the Month: Harry’s House by Harry Styles

Rising from the ashes of one of the biggest boybands ever, Harry Styles has slowly attained superstar status since One Direction parted ways in 2016. Harry’s House is the latest from the swooning young Brit.

Now three albums into his career, his music speaks of a mature songwriting sensibility – one that is decidedly more confident and assured than that of his ex-bandmates. Gorgeous lead single ‘As it Was’ wears its 80’s influences on its sleeve but Harry manages to avoid pastiche and craft a very modern sounding pop song. Elsewhere, ‘Grapejuice’ could easily slot somewhere into Paul McCartney’s halcyon 70’s post-Beatles discography. Regardless of whether 1D left you hot or cold, Harry’s House is another thing entirely and does that rare thing of appealing to Gen Z’ers and Gen X’ers alike.

Our top 3 songs on the album include: Daydreaming, Grapejuice, As it Was.

Up and Coming: new Artist Look-Out

DJ names might be getting sillier but if you can put that to one side for Barry Can’t Swim it will be worth your while. Folding in UK garage, jazz and commerical dance elements into his classic house sound, Barry Can’t Swim has already proved adept at creating superb dancefloor moments with just a handful of tracks under his belt. Recent single ‘El Layali’ shows off his unique talent.

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