Ambie’s Album of the Month: Hypnos by Ravyn

After a string of well received EP’s the world was poised waiting to hear what Ravyn could pull off on a full length album and on Hypnos, Ravyn Lenae proves she can deliver everything we expected and more. From the soft danceable Venom to the gorgeous reflections of Lullaby we are treated to a gorgeous infectious vocal performance and equally rich, contemplative instrumentation.

Hushed, lush, and sensual vocals are certainly the focal point of the album, layering together to create warm hypnotic textures. Other than her voice, it’s the quirks that make this album so compelling however, the stabs of colourful synth or the organic production in the beats by Steve Lacy. It’s not hard to predict that it won’t be long before we see a true classic from Ravyn.

Up and Coming: new Artist Look-Out

Revelling in the spirit of innovation, DIY, and collaboration Glasgow-based corto.alto explore grooves gathered from across the musical landscape. Neo-jazz, smooth neo-soul, hip hop rhythms, and diverse percussion all melt together here into something altogether fresh. Be sure to catch them live for a night of groovy colourful jazz antics.


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