Ambie’s Album of the Month: Joy Crookes

Joy Crookes, aged 22, has become one of the UK’s most exciting new artists, where her musical journey has garnered Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill comparisons. Her universally appealing sound and knack for smart, modern storytelling together with her candid, fearless attitude and infectious charisma has seen her become a and important and influential part of new British music.

Eleven months in to 2021, South London artist Joy Crookes has made a late bid for the coveted Album of the Year accolade on many critics lists – weaving soul, reggae and totally-in-vogue 90’s trip-hop elements into a unique and gorgeous set of songs.

More than just a zeitgeist box-ticking exercise though, these songs reach out for the heart, with personal tales of love and young adulthood borne out of her London home. The versatility of her songwriting is plain to hear, meaning these tracks are almost certain to end up in a huge array of our customer’s playlists over the course of the next few months.

Up and Coming: new Artist Look-Out

We’ve been listening to lots of DARGZ, a rising Londoner who deals in jazzy loops and samples that sound like they have been lifted straight out of the psychedelic 60s. Go on, have a listen… 

See you in December for our next Album reveal.

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