Ambie’s Album of the Month: Nonante-Cinq – by Angèle

Angèle is a singer-songwriter and musician spinning heads all across Francophone nations with her unique voice and style. Her songs have become millennial-girl anthems because of her entertaining videos and sweet disposition. Her album has gone two-times platinum in France, she’s the only Belgian singer to beat Stromae’s record for most weeks at the top of the Belgian singles chart, and she’s only just starting out in her career. 

Right as end of year lists begin to close, Angèle glides in confidently, surprising us all by dropping her album a week early, to take a spot on December’s Album of the Month. A fast rising star, particularly in France, the Belgian star has been making waves since her 2018 album Brol, and a feature on Dua Lipa’s Fever. Here she shows no signs of slowing down.

On Nonante-Cinq, Angèle gifts us 12 easy going bops, each with their own character, ranging from mid-paced dance pop bangers to piano ballads and Angèle commands each with effortless confidence. It’s this confidence to have fun with her music that is so entertaining. Angèle really feels like she is enjoying exploring her musical talents on these songs, even on the most introspective and moody tracks, Taxi and Mauvais rêves.

Angèle up-close sweet, at times whispery vocals bring a real sense of sincerity to the album and a tasteful variety of synth sounds keep songs feeling bright; a perfect canvas for her voice. Even the feature with Damso proves a pleasant surprise; a bouncy mix of the two artists’ style in true modern pop fashion. With an ability to weave fun and introspection into her colourful dance-pop, the result is a guaranteed success. From here, it feels like Angèle could go anywhere.

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