How to Use Music to Improve the Guest Experience

The experience your guests have in your hotel is everything. Their experience, whether positive or negative, will determine whether they are a one-time guest or become a repeat customer.  

It’s well-known that lighting, decor, and interior design shape the experience customers have in your hotel. But smart business owners know that the music they select is just as important.

Music is a powerful tool to engage customers and change the experience they have in your hotel. By choosing the right music, you can boost profits and build your brand identity.

Technology allows you to utilize music in an even more powerful way. Here are five ways you can use music to elevate the customer experience:

  1. Use music as an extension of your brand

Music is another touch point with the customer and another piece of the branding puzzle. It communicates your hotel’s values and can unify your brand across multiple hotel locations.

This is something Amanda, the Food and Beverage Director at the Andaz London knows all too well:
“We don’t only use music to create ambiance in our lobby or public areas, but we really use it to emphasise concept. So when we have very different concepts in food and beverage, we make sure to also have different music profiles that enhance the experience of the guest. And of course it’s important for us to have flexibility not only to represent the concept itself but the mood or the moment of that particular area that we have the music in.”   

2. Tailor music to different atmospheres

Different atmospheres require different types of music. For instance, you would play very different music during Sunday brunch than you would during Friday night happy hour.

That’s why it’s a smart idea to schedule music to various trading patterns. You can even plan your music ahead of time for special events and big group bookings.

That’s something Jen Needleman, Head of Entertainment, Events, and Partnerships at Harbour Hotels has found helpful. “It’s hugely important for all elements of ambiance to work together. From furniture to lighting, and of course – music. Music defines the personality of a social space.”

3. Let guests personalise their music

Customers expect a personalised experience and music is a great way to provide this for them. Let them choose their music in their rooms or even in shared venues, like the hotel bar.

Repeat guests could even have their favourite playlists lined up and ready to go. Guests could also request their favourite genres or playlists upon booking.

4. Try to reflect local culture

Music is a great way to highlight the local culture and community where your hotel is located. Use local artists to highlight the local talent and bring a sense of adventure to your hotel.

At the Harbour Hotel Bristol Gold Bar, they sprinkle Bristolian trip-hop into the mix! And at the Hyatt Centric Madrid, they use local artists in their Red Tree Art exhibition.

5. Be adaptive

You know all too well that in the hospitality industry, things can change at the drop of a hat. A rowdy sports team shows up at the bar or a large booking arrives in the brasserie for lunch.

In these unanticipated moments, changing the music is a fast and effective way to shift the atmosphere and match the energy level in the room. Have playlists on standby for these types of occasions. Using a solution like Ambie will allow you to switch up your music on the fly.

Samoli, the manager of Eastway Brasserie and 1901 wine lounge in Andaz London, says, “You can never tell who’s going to walk through the door. If something changes in a venue, you need a backup playlist that will keep the mood upbeat. When I first came on with Ambie, I asked if I could have a playlist prepared for if my room suddenly filled with drinking groups of 20, 30 to 60 people. Being able to react like that when a large group comes through makes a massive difference.”  Samoli, Manager of Eastway Brasserie and 1901 wine lounge, Andaz London

Does coming up with music playlists feel like another task that you just don’t have time for? If so, Ambie can help. We created curated music playlists that will resonate with your customers and reflect your brand identity. To learn more, contact us to request your free sampler.