Ambie’s new crossfade feature is here!

Ambie is excited to launch its brand new crossfade functionality for all its customers. This will allow tracks to seamlessly merge into one another creating a seamless listening experience with no interruption for guests and staff members alike.

Crossfading will enhance music performance and the subsequent immersive experience which music creates. This smooth transition will boost the quality and engagement of the overall playlist, which in turns brings multiple opportunities such as the length of the guest stay, spending patterns, retention and a positive experience.

How to achieve a seamless listening experience

  • Crossfade: With Ambie’s crossfade, tracks will seamlessly transition into each other where one song fades out while the next fades in. The two songs will play concurrently for up to 10 seconds as they fade in or out.
  • Gapless Playback: With Ambie’s Gapless Playback functionality, guests can enjoy uninterrupted playback of consecutive tracks without any silent gaps which may interrupt the music flow and overall listening experience. The next song is always queued to ensure it begins playing immediately.

Keen to discover how crossfading can work for you?

How does the idea of a seamless listening experience sound? Imagine no gaps between tracks during your peak period? We’re excited to show you how this exciting feature can benefit your business, simply get in touch to find out how.

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